Poltesa.ac.id – The Professional Certification Institute (LSP) of the Sambas State Polytechnic (Poltesa) held a Competency Assessor Training and Certification for Poltesa Lecturers Batch I, which was held at Dangau Resort, Singkawang, West Kalimantan. This activity is scheduled for five days, starting from August 16-20, 2021, which is carried out by implementing the Health Protocol (Prokes), each participant is required to wear a mask, and perform an Antigen Swab Test.

Also attending this activity were Master Assessors from the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) who were also trainers/resources, and examiners:

  1. Dra. Esti Wahyuni, M.Pd. (Coach/Resource)
  2. Budiman Arief Lubis, S. Kom., MM. (Coach/Resource)
  3. Ir. Edy Panggabean (Examiner)
  4. RR. Bernadetha Rosa Hartini. M (Examiner)

Also present were the Director of Poltesa, Deputy Directors, all elements of leadership and 24 participants of the Competency Certification Training.

This training and certification is filled with material as a competency assessor, including the competency certification policy system from BNSP, as well as assessor competency material and procedures for becoming an LSP competency assessor, regarding the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI), about Competency Based Training/Competency Bassed Assessment (CBT/CBA), as well as the types and principles of assessment and the rules for collecting quality evidence. After delivering the material for five days, it will be followed by a Competency Assessor Assessment which will be held on Friday, August 20, 2021.

According to the Chairman of the Committee, Budi Setiawan, ST, M.sc, the materials and assessment steps taken by the participants are a series of stages of achieving competence as assessors, “participants in this Training and Certification will go through an assessment stage to test the competence of the participants as assessors, if later the participants are assessed as Competent, then these participants are declared to have competence as assessors in their respective fields,” he explained.

The head of LSP Poltesa, Indra Mahyudi, S, S.Pi., M.Si explained that Competency Assessor Training is one of the requirements for LSP Poltesa to be licensed, “Although LSP Poltesa has not been licensed, it has run several certification programs, one of which was just yesterday. is a competency certification for 57 Participants of the Work Competency Certification Program (PSKK) of the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) which was held on May 4, 2021 in collaboration with LSP Digital Technology, it is hoped that LSP Poltesa will be licensed soon because it will certify students through the student certification grant program through the Directorate program General of Vocational Education (Dirjen Vocational) and through other programs”, he explained.

The Director of Poltesa, Mahyus, S.Pd., SE., MM hopes that Poltesa LSP will be more advanced and developed, so that it can provide competency certification guarantees to Poltesa graduates, and other stakeholders (LSP Poltesa Network) who need certification, “Poltesa through LSP will produce assessors who have expertise in their respective fields, so that students and the LSP Poltesa network who need certification can use LSP Poltesa for competency certification,” he hoped.