Poltesa.ac.id – Lecturers and Technicians from the Poltesa Agribusiness Department provide Hydroponics Training for Vegetable Crops at the 645th Infantry Battalion, Sambas. This training starts from June 16-25, 2021.

This activity is a collaboration between Poltesa and UPTD. BLK Department of Manpower and Transmigration Kab. Sambas with the 645th Infantry Battalion/Gardatama Yudha, Sambas.

The training participants are Indonesian Army Soldiers totaling 25 people, all participants receive material and training/practice in making Vegetable Plant Hydroponics, ranging from Introduction to Hydroponics Materials, Introduction to Tools and Materials, Plant Nurseries, Installation of Hydroponic Modules, Making Plant Nutrient Solutions, Planting Planting Materials, Hydroponic System Treatment consisting of Addition of Nutrients and Vegetable Pesticides, as well as Harvest and Post Harvest. In addition to gaining knowledge and knowledge about Hydroponics, the participants were also provided with a Certificate of Competence from UPTD. BLK Department of Manpower and Transmigration Kab. Sambas.

According to the Head of the Poltesa Agribusiness Hydroponic Training Team, Wilis Widi Wilujeng, S.P., M.MA. During the training, the Poltesa Agribusiness Department Lecturer and Technicians shared their knowledge and knowledge with the participants, “we are trying to do the best for all of the Hydroponic Training participants with the knowledge we have, we hope that what we share during the training can be useful for everyone. all participants,” he hoped.

Furthermore, Wilis expressed his deepest gratitude to all parties involved, to the 645th Infantry Battalion/Gardatama Yudha Sambas, and especially to the UPTD. BLK Department of Manpower and Transmigration Kab. Sambas, who has been doing good cooperation and giving confidence to Poltesa,” he said.

Poltesa Hydroponics Training Team:

  1. Wilis Widi Wilujeng, S.P., M.MA.
  2. Dian Sari, S.P., M.MA.
  3. Nur Habibah, S.P.
  4. Hendrawadi A.Md.
  5. Heriadi, A.Md.