Poltesa.ac.id – Sambas State Polytechnic (Poltesa) students made it to the top 15 in the 2021 IwareBatik Hackaton International event, in the presentation of participants in front of the USI UNESCO Chair, Switzerland on October 15, 2021 via Zoom.

IWareBatik is a digital platform to introduce Indonesian batik and tourism destinations to the world. This platform was launched in Switzerland, August 17, 2019, and is the only digital platform supported by UNESCO to preserve Indonesian batik through education and community empowerment. In the iWareBatik platform or application, we can find out various types of batik motifs in Indonesia.

Initially 20 Poltesa students participated in the Opinion Essay in the iWareBatik workshop which was held on September 21, 2021, of the 20 people, 5 of them were chosen as the best Essay representing Poltesa in the International Competence iWareBatik Hackaton Event organized by @caventer.

The Poltesa student teams that have successfully penetrated this international event are:

  1. Pahima (MBP Study Program)
  2. Robindra (MIF Study Program)
  3. Evi Suriani (MBP Study Program)
  4. Nurleni (MBP Study Program)
  5. Winieandra Dionegara (MBP Study Program)

According to student advisor Nur Astri Fatihah, the essays and opinions of Poltesa students were very good, even getting appreciation from the committee, “the committee really appreciates the good essays of Poltesa students, they even say that the essays by Poltesa students bring joy and pride to Indonesia,” he said.

According to the Poltesa Student Team Leader, Pahima, the idea they developed was the result of teamwork and guidance from the lecturer, “Based on the guidance from the lecturer, we together as a team compiled this idea in such a way by combining ideas from our essay regarding the development of the iWareBatik application in the future, so that We proposed the idea of ​​a new feature called “Outlook Trend Batik of The Year” to develop iWareBatik technology to be more user-friendly,” he said.

According to Pahima, this idea has several advantages, including:

  1. Can be used for a long time
  2. Can attract Gen-Z who like to follow trends (especially based on the census, Gen-Z has the most population in Indonesia)
  3. Helping batik craftsmen and at the same time promoting Indonesian tourism
  4. For iWareBatik itself, you can add users and help iWareBatik to introduce batik to the wider community.

Pahima hopes that “the Poltesa team can win so that the idea of ​​developing this technology can be used. Whatever the result, Poltesa actually won. Hopefully it can be an inspiration for other students to be brave enough to compete in national and even international competitions,” he hoped. Furthermore, Pahima conveyed a message to other student friends, “Don’t be afraid to fail, because if you fail, you are no longer starting from zero, but you will start from EXPERIENCE.”