Poltesa.ac.id – Sambas State Polytechnic (Poltesa) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with STKIP Singkawang, UPBJJ-UT Pontianak, and DPD HPI West Kalimantan which was held in the Hall of the Directorate of Poltesa on Tuesday (06/04/2021). Also present was the Chairman of STKIP Singkawang, Dr. Andi Mursidi.M.Si, Director of UPBJJ-PONTIANAK Open University Mrs. Dr. Tati Rajati, and Chairman of the West Kalimantan HPI DPD Mr. Juniardi Saktiawan, elements of the Village Head of Sambas Regency, along with all invited guests.
The Director of Poltesa, Mahyus, S.Pd., SE.,MM expressed his deepest gratitude to all parties involved. According to the Director, this collaboration is a positive thing that must be done by universities, because to realize the programs and policies made by the central government, synergy and cooperation from all parties are needed. “We as a Vocational Higher Education Work Unit feel the need to collaborate with all parties, we also feel that we cannot work alone, especially to realize the Merdeka Campus program, so we really welcome the collaboration with STKIP Singkawang, UPBJJ-UT Pontianak , and DPD HPI West Kalimantan.

The Director of UPBJJ-UT Pontianak said “thank you to Poltesa for being willing to carry out this MoU, hopefully what we are doing today will be blessed by Allah SWT”, he hoped. Furthermore, the Head of STKIP Singkawang, explained a little information about STKIP Singkawang, that “STKIP Singkawang is the only private university that has Accreditation with Excellent Predicate”, he explained. Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the West Kalimantan HPI DPD explained about “professions that accompany guests on tours. This profession is one of the extraordinary professions, we can make Networking, because the tourist guests come from anywhere, any background, “he said. (Poltesa Public Relations)