Poltesa.ac.id – Sambas State Polytechnic (Poltesa) is the only State University in Sambas Regency, Poltesa has 3 (Departments) and 9 (Nine) Study Programs (Studies). The Mechanical Engineering Department consists of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program, and the Agricultural Mechanical Engineering Study Program, the Agribusiness Department consists of the Agribusiness Study Program, the Fisheries and Marine Agribusiness Study Program, the Food Agroindustry Study Program, and the Tourism Business Management Study Program. Company, Multimedia Engineering Study Program. With so many study programs at Poltesa, cooperation with all parties is needed. On Wednesday (07/04/2021) Poltesa signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Antara News Agency of West Kalimantan (Kalbar) which was held in the Hall of the Poltesa Directorate. This inter-institutional collaboration was made in order to improve the quality of Higher Education at Poltesa, because currently Vocational Colleges such as Poltesa require as much cooperation as possible with external parties, such as the Antara News Agency which is one of the State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN). This is done to develop Study Programs, either through internship programs, or Guest Lecturer programs from Industry and Companies.

In his remarks the Director of Poltesa, Mahyus explained information about the Poltesa Campus, then the Director expressed happiness and gratitude to the West Kalimantan Antara Party for being willing to cooperate with Poltesa, the Director also explained that Poltesa requires cooperation, cannot work alone. “We consider that we cannot work alone, we need cooperation with all parties, so that there is an evaluation and improvement of our management. We also continue to seek connections with related parties to develop the Study Programs at Poltesa. In addition, we also hope to get feedback regarding our shortcomings and weaknesses, because after all our success indicators are not judged by how many pass, but indicators are measured based on how many of our graduates can actually work, and can be useful for agencies/institutions where they work, more precisely, Poltesa graduates must have competencies that can be applied in the world of work. We also need technical follow-up on the realization of cooperation, who is doing what, for future action plans, we hope that this collaboration with the Antara Kalbar News Agency can continue and contribute to the development of both parties, and the progress of education in the Indonesia-Malaysia Border area”, hope.

The Head of the LKBN Bureau between the West Kalimantan Bureau, Teguh Imam Wibowo stated that he often had discussions with Poltesa lecturers. about information on Antara Kalbar News Agency. “The Antara News Agency has many branches, so that information released through the Antara News Agency has broad access,” he explained. Furthermore, the Head of Bureau stated that Poltesa has many advantages, especially the location of Poltesa which is in the border area between countries, but I see that there are still many advantages and advantages of Poltesa that have not been exposed, so that people do not know exactly what advantages Poltesa has,” he explained. .

The Head of the Antara Kalbar Bureau also explained about his admiration for Poltesa students who interned at the Antara News Agency, “we are quite satisfied with the achievements of Poltesa students who are interning at the Antara News Agency, they are easy to adapt and fast in interpreting the orders we give, Poltesa students are quite good at news packaging. We teach approaches to train students to explore their strengths. When they are ready and established, they already have more capabilities, can create content. We see, from the skills they have received from Poltesa, they just need to be polished, so they will be ready to work,” he said.

The signing of this MoU is a joint commitment of both parties to cooperate and collaborate to build the nation by creating superior human resources. The agreement that has been built by both parties shows a very big concern for the progress of the world of education, especially education in the National Border area. Hopefully this collaboration can continue and run well. (Poltesa Public Relations)