Sambas State Polytechnic (POLTESA) is an institution engaged in education. In this case the Sambas State Polytechnic has cooperation with various institutions, both public and private. This collaboration is forged in order to expand the network so that there is a link and match between the two parties. Some of the collaborations established by the campus are companies, state-owned enterprises and institutions at home and abroad.

The collaboration between the campus and the company is expected to make it easier for companies to find superior human resources to support company performance. With this collaboration, the Sambas State Polytechnic every year sends students for internships in companies, state-owned enterprises and government agencies.

From the results of this collaboration, many POLTESA students immediately work in internships after completing their education so that the cooperation that is established can benefit both parties. On the one hand, companies can look for HR needs that are ready to work according to company needs, on the other hand POLTESA as an education provider can channel students to work immediately.

Poltesa also conducts student exchange programs for internships at other universities. This collaboration aims to increase student competitiveness in skills and knowledge.

Some of the collaborations carried out by the Sambas State Polytechnic include:

Domestic Cooperation

Institut Agama Islam Sambas

Politeknik Negeri Pontianak

Politeknik Negeri Ketapang

Politeknik Negeri Manado

Politeknik Manufaktur Bandung

Universitas Jenderal Soedirman

Dinas Pertanian

Kepolisian Resort Sambas

BPDAS Kementerian Kehutanan

SMKN 1 Sambas

SMKN 2 Teluk Keramat Sambas

SMKN 1 Sajingan Besar Sambas

SMPN 2 Sambas

SMKN 1 Sanggau Ledo Bengkayang

Pemerintah Desa Kabupaten Sambas

Koni Kalimantan Barat

Bank Kalbar

Pelabuhan Perikanan Pemangkat

Kabupaten Sambas

Yayasan Pengembangan Masyarakat Perbatasan

Kelompok Kerja Madrasah Aliyah

PT. Phintraco

Ikatan Dosen Vokasi Indonesia

PT. Bhakti Karya Mandiri

Perhimpunan Hotel dan Restourant

PT. Cahaya Sambas Multimedia

Forum Human Capital Indonesia

Koperasi Citra Astra Mandiri


Bursa Efek Indonesia

Kabupaten Sambas

Lembaga Pendidikan Pengadaan Indonesia

External Cooperation

Politeknik Malaysia Mukah

Politeknik Malaysia Metro Betong

Rise Neo Cooperative

Kabushukigaisya Wiltos

Kankyo Mirai Kabushukigaisya